Our Tools

Our research is evidence-based and equity-focused, working with the most reliable datasets widely available in Canada. Learn about our tools and our methodologies below.

Housing Needs Assessment Tool

How much housing do we need, at what cost?

A census-based tool that measures core housing need and affordable shelter costs by income category, household size, and priority populations. Our methods allow governments to set effective housing targets that will lift Canadians out of chronic housing need and homelessness.

How much housing do we need?

Land Assessment Tool

Where can non-profit housing be built?

A mapping tool that assesses suitable public land for non-profit affordable housing, based on proximity to key services and amenities. It supports governments to effectively use land, including housing on top (of libraries, health centres etc.) to maximize deeply affordable homes.

Where can we build it?

Property Acquisitions Tool

How can we preserve affordable housing?

A policy-based tool that help prevent the loss of affordable housing through property acquisition by governments, non-profit housing providers and Community Land Trusts.

How do we preserve affordability?