HART regularly hosts and participates in a series of events on topics related to housing, urbanism, homelessness, and housing justice. View and register for these events below.

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Past Events

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  • Getting it Right: Building the Housing We Need

    Join The Alliance for a Liveable Ontario on Tuesday, July 25th at 4 pm for “Getting it Right: Building the Housing we Need,” Part 2 of the Building Hope Webinar Series.  Learn what you can do to help build liveable neighbourhoods, not just more housing.

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  • Scaling Up Affordable Housing: Inspiration from Canada and Abroad

    Based on recent research in Canada, Europe and Singapore, Dr. Carolyn Whitzman will discuss what she has learned about building significant numbers of attractive, affordable non-profit housing units and expanding housing opportunities. She will talk about how those ideas may be applied in Hamilton as this city moves ahead with its Housing Sustainability and Investment Roadmap. She is both visionary and pragmatic in her approach to reducing housing need.

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  • Resources to help you meet your community’s housing needs

    Many recent mid-way evaluations of the current National Housing Strategy make clear that all levels of government – local, regional, provincial/ territorial, and the federal – have failed to provide homes that are affordable or suitable to those who are underhoused or in core housing need. Central to the problem is the absence of shared, replicable, comparable, and equity-focused data to measure housing need.

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  • Should Government Build Rental Housing?

    For the first time, the average price of a one-bedroom rental unit in Toronto has surpassed the after-tax salary of a full-time minimum-wage worker. If the private sector hasn’t delivered enough rental housing to make it affordable, is it time for governments to return to the development industry?

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  • The Homes We Need

    The cost of housing, a major contributor to the price inflation pressures being felt across the economy, has reached an affordability crisis point that has been decades in the making. Finding a good home has become tougher and tougher for the working-class as wages have not kept pace.

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  • HART Launch

    Our tools. Public. At last. HART launch is an online event to celebrate the first public release and presentation of the three HART tools: the Housing Needs Assessment Tool, Land Assessment Tool, and Property Acquisition Tools.

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  • Housing Now

    With the release of 2021 Census data, researchers, policy experts and housing advocates alike are considering the new landscape of housing. With affordable housing at the top of mind in municipal elections across the province this autumn, what does the data tell us about housing policy and how it should evolve and respond?

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