Housing Assessment Resource Tools

HART is an award-winning research project working with governments, housing providers, and advocates across Canada to redefine how we measure and address housing need.

HART has developed a calculator for BC Communities to complete their Interim Housing Needs Reports

Identifying and addressing affordable housing need across Canada

The Housing Assessment Resource Project

Learn about our approaches to measuring housing need, identifying well-located public land for non-profit housing, and preserving existing affordability through acquisitions.

Our Tools

Our research is evidence-based and equity-focused, working with the most reliable datasets widely available in Canada. Learn about our tools and our methodologies below.

Housing Needs Assessment Tool

A census-based tool that measures core housing need and affordable shelter costs by income category, household size, and priority populations. Our methods help governments to set effective housing targets that will lift Canadians out of chronic housing need and homelessness.

How much housing do we need?

Land Assessment Tool

A mapping tool that assesses suitable public land for non-profit affordable housing, based on proximity to key services and amenities. It supports governments to effectively use land, including housing on top (of libraries, health centres etc.) to maximize deeply affordable homes.

Where can we build it?

Property Acquisitions Tool

A policy-based tool that help prevent the loss of affordable housing through property acquisition by governments, non-profit housing providers and Community Land Trusts.

How do we preserve affordability?

HART is for everyone

Our tools can be used by anyone. All our data is open-source, replicable, and easy-to-use. We use the most reliable, robust disaggregated data in Canada to deliver insights into housing for every community.


Government works to meet the needs of present and future residents. You want to improve housing outcomes, including preventing homelessness.

How can I use HART to support my work?

Housing sector

Housing developers and providers, both for profit and non-profit, supply the homes Canadians need. You want to know what kinds of housing need there is to best serve your community.

How can HART help me develop effective proposals?


You want clear and easy-to-understand data and information about housing to understand the decisions being made in your community and advocate for better outcomes.

How can HART teach me about my community?

Recent blog and media

The first source of updates on research, events, articles, publications, and other activity from the HART team.

Government Partners

After our initial prototype in Kelowna, we expanded our work to 13 partner governments to test and further develop the HART tools. These partners have been vital to the development of the HART project.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee represents national expertise in housing, and have provided invaluable guidance, advice, and support to the HART project.


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