Applying for Government Funding

How HART can support you with funding proposals

HART has been funded to support communities with their funding proposals.

Whether you’re just getting started or reporting, HART can help you develop better proposals with our tools. How can we support you?

Just getting started

For communities that are looking for inspiration, we’ve created a map and database of existing housing acceleration innovations that have been implemented in other communities, which may be useful for your community to consider. You can filter by a range of metrics.

Started process, but need some help with the housing needs assessment

For communities that know what they want to do but want some help with completing their housing needs assessment requirements, our Housing Needs Assessment Tool is a useful online tool to give an overview of housing need. For communities that need more detail or data, our custom census order is available in raw format on Borealis (requires Beyond 20/20 software). We can also work directly with communities that are looking for more involved support: we can provide custom variables, tables, and insights at no cost.

Application submitted and need to report on progress

Most funding programs have some kind of reporting requirement which requires data on progress or an updates Housing Needs Assessment (HNA). The Housing Accelerator Fund requires a HNA to be completed by the third year of funding (ie 2026) if there is no previous need assessment or the previous needs assessment is more than two years old at the time of application (ie from 2021 or earlier). In general, it is best to align HNAs with release of census data (e.g. 2026 census will be released in 2027). We can work directly with you to provide custom variables, tables, and insights at no cost.

Other support

Our other tools include our Land Assessment Tool, which can support communities to understand the available government-owned land available for housing, and our Property Acquisitions Tool, which supports communities to understand how they can implement supportive policies to preserve affordability in their communities. We’re also working on a number of new data tools to help communities meet their housing needs, so if you want to work with us, please get in touch!

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